Run161 is a website about running, and it is written by me. My name is Lars-Christian Simonsen, and I am an archetypical hobby jogger, a weekend warrior who took up running as a grown up, and found that it enriched my life to the point that I wanted to keep doing it all the time.

Why I Run

Just as for many others who pick up running as a hobby near the midpoint of life, it was a dramatic and life-changing experience that eventually sparked the passion I today have for running. You can read more about that in the very first post I made here at Run161, which is titled Father’s Day Run. It’s not that running saved me, or solved any of my problems. But, when I run I get a break from everything that’s bad in life, and sometimes a break is all we need to cope with things we never thought ourselves strong enough to handle.

At first, when I started out, I just ran. Then, I started spending my time reading about running. And, as the story goes, I eventually started writing about running, too, and before long Run161 was born. You can find me under the username Reference_Obscure over at r/ARTC, which is the community that fostered my passion for running. Most of what I know about running, training and the physiology behind it comes directly from that community, or from books, articles, podcasts or stories someone over at ARTC referred me to. I still participate actively in the community over there and encourage you to join up, too, if you want to learn more about running from an open and welcoming community.

Why I Started Run161

I first set up the website for one reason, and one reason only: To have a place to publish that first post. It felt like a piece I had to throw out into the world, but I had no idea where to send it, so I set up a site for it. After that, I started using it as a repository for my training logs and race reports, and for the most part, that’s what it is today. But I have lots of other ideas for pieces I want to write and publish, and now that you’ve found your way here, I hope you’ll stick around to read them.

There are also loads of running-related little tools, like calculators and such, that I would like to code up and share. Not to mention the ideas of how I could leverage Run161 to become a community that could, hopefully, inspire others to try and stick with running. So who knows exactly what this website will look like in a year or two. Stick around to find out.

Back after I had published that first post, I wrote these lines in an attempt to capture what I wanted to do with Run161. I still let these words guide me if I become unsure why I created this website, or what I should do with it:

Run161 is for people who run, and people who want to run.

It is for people who want to find out why people even want to run.

It is for people who used to run, but one day forgot to keep running.

It is for people who are running for their lives.

It is for people who are running out of time.

It is for people who cannot fly, so instead they run.

Fun Facts About Me

Last updated October 26, 2018

Age: 32

5k PR: 17:50

10k PR: 35:38

Half-marathon PR: 1:20:45

Marathon PR: 2:58:29

GPS Watch: Garmin Fenix 5s

Favourite Training Shoes: Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6

Favourite Racing Shoes: Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%