The perfect training plan is one customised to your background, fitness and goals.

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Custom training plans from Run161

Take Your Fitness to New Heights

Stats iconOptimal training requires a training plan tailored to you. Here at Run161, that means we need to get to know you as a runner before we can design a training plan to optimise your performance.

Ordering a custom training plan means you have to answer questions about your running background, what your goals are, and how much time you want to dedicate to training.

Included With Every Custom Training Plan

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Custom Training Plan

Tailored training for 8–18 weeks leading into race day, to ensure that you line up in peak shape.

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Workout Explainer

 Detailing each workout in your plan, complete with the purpose of the session and tips for execution.

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Pace Guidance

Every run has a purpose, and that is why you get suggested pace ranges for your entire training plan.

Hone Your Strengths

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A tailored training plan allows you to take advantage of your strengths to optimise output. After you purchase a training plan, we will schedule a talk to get to know you.

By looking at your previous training and race results, we will work out your strengths. This knowledge is an essential tool in devising the perfect training plan for you.

Key Benefits of a Custom Training Plan

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Improved Performance

Optimised for you to maximise your performance on race day.

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Reduced Injury Risk

Decrease the risk of injury and overtraining with professional advice on overall load.

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Higher Efficiency

Tailored training means you get more fitness in return per session.

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Improved Confidence

Remove the guesswork and stop worrying about if you are training right.

Improve Your Weaknesses

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Just as important as your strengths, are your weaknesses as a runner. A bespoke training plan features workouts intended to improve your shortcomings.

The one-on-one talk after you order a training plan is of the essence to make sure that we can optimise your training for you. Your opinion, and as well as previous training and race results will help us identify where you have room for improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do I have to be to benefit from a custom training plan?

The Run161 custom training plans are beneficial for athletes, regardless of your current level. Whether you are just getting started with running or trying to snatch a podium spot in a competitive local race, we can help you train smarter.

How much do I have to run with my custom training plan?

Your training history, current fitness and goals for the training block all help us determine the appropriate mix of running volume and intensity for you.

If you have constrictions on the amount of running you can or are willing to do, we will accommodate it in your training plan.

What happens after I purchase a custom training plan?

As soon as you complete the purchase, you will receive an email from us. Here, we ask that you respond with a suitable time for a talk with the coach who will construct your training plan. We also need to know how you prefer to communicate with us going forward, and whether that is by phone, video or text.

How many weeks will my training plan span?

All our custom training plans cover between 8 and 18 weeks and usually culminate in an event such as a goal race. Your goals, wishes and circumstances will help us determine how many weeks your training plan will cover.

What about tune-up races?

Tune-up races are a great way to sharpen your fitness and practise your race day routine. Depending on your options, we will happily incorporate tune-up races into your training plan.

How long do I have to wait to get my training plan?

As soon as we have gone through with our talk to map out all the details we need to know to construct your training plan, we will get to work. We aim to deliver all training plans within a week from the time you complete your order.

How does the payment work?

Run161 uses reliable third party providers Memberful and Stripe to handle subscriptions and payments. Purchasing a custom training plan is a one time purchase, and there are no subscriptions, recurring or hidden fees. 

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What if I change my mind after purchasing?

Buyer’s remorse, we’ve all been there! If you change your mind after purchasing a custom training plan, that’s fine. Up until the scheduled talk with a coach, we will happily refund your money, no questions asked. All you have to do is send us a message, and we’ll cancel your order within 24 hours.

Additional Questions?

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Use this form to get in touch if you have additional questions about custom training plans from Run161.

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Looking for Something Different?

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If you need even more guidance and support than a custom training plan affords, coaching from Run161 might be for you.

Check out our Coaching page for all the details.