A Change of Pace for Run161

Sometimes life comes at us, fast, and catches us unprepared. When my wife and I bought a new house a few months back, that was one such moment for me. Between purchasing a home and selling another, the actual moving, and trying to take care of a little guy who has yet to celebrate his first birthday, there is not much time left in a day. That is especially true when you factor in eight hours in the old salt mines every weekday.

So something has got to give. I am thankful that, with the support of my wife, my running has not suffered. Instead, I have been training quite well over the past few months. I feel well placed to get deep into preparations for Berlin Marathon later this year. With 15 weeks to go, I am right on the cusp of stepping into the thick of marathon training!

Instead, it was Run161 that got put on the back burner. And, quite honestly, I have found myself annoyed by that fact. This site was only starting to gain some traction at the point when I went AWOL. Quite a few people were visiting the site every day. Some of those people signed up for the newsletter, while I was starting to get engaged with the running community on Twitter.

Reflections About the Run161 Concept

Still, the time away from the site was not all bad. It gave me time to reflect on what Run161 was becoming, and what I wanted it to be. It’s closing in on two years since I set up this site to publish that first post, without any particular thoughts on what the site’s “purpose” would be beyond that. Fast forward to March of 2019, and it had become a place for me to post a weekly update of my training, and the occasional news roundup from the world of road and track running.

I still like the idea of documenting my progress as a runner by detailing my training, in prose, weekly. It’s just that I find it a tedious exercise. And with time being in short supply, I would instead like to spend that time writing about things that excite me within the world of running. That may be commentating on a particular event or happening, or sharing training advice, or even deep-diving into the stats and numbers that define the sport. I am a stats geek, after all. I literally have dozens of ideas for what I believe to be interesting posts, I just need to clear the time to write them.

What the Future Holds for Run161

In other words, this post marks a change of pace for Run161. In the future, I will be focusing less on my exploits as a runner, and more on what excites me. Because if it excites me, I think it has the potential to do the same for others, and cultivate their interest in running. Not just as an activity, or a participation sport, or a professional sport, but as all those things. Because, to me, the magic of running is that it is something that we can both participate in, opine about and follow as fans at the same time.

A change of pace for Run161 involves more pictures from scenic runs
I will still try to include snap from my runs, even as I discontinue the weekly training logs.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I will still write about my experiences as a runner. I will continue to report from the races I run. My training and my life as a runner will seep through in everything I write. And particularly when I talk about training theory. But there will be no more posts where I commentate on every run. If you want to follow along with my training, check out my Strava profile. It is entirely public and always up to date.

As for the newsletter, it will continue to go out every week as long as there are new posts to share. Eventually, I hope to add additional value to subscribers by including exclusive content. Currently, however, that is not the main focus.

Join the Discussion

I am looking forward to getting back to sharing my thoughts, experiences and passion for the sport of running with all of you. At the same time, I invite all of you who are still reading to join in. If you have any thoughts on what I write about, or just running in general, shoot me a message.

You can leave a comment, send me an e-mail, or use a social site such as Strava, Twitter or Instagram. The biggest perk of writing Run161 so far has been getting to know some of the fellow running enthusiasts who read what I have to say. Hopefully, with this new direction, I can grow that community further in the future.