Get Two Months of FREE Running Coaching

With all that’s going on in the world, we want to do cheer up two lucky runners. And we’re doing this by offering two months of free running coaching.

Why Do I Need a Running Coach With No Races Coming Up?

Perhaps you’ve had a big goal race cancelled, and you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself?

Or maybe you are unsure about how to approach your training with no big races on the plan for the foreseeable future?

Get two months of free running coaching from Run161
A running coach can help you even if you don’t have any immediate races coming up.

Partnering with a running coach can help you overcome these challenges. With our assistance Run161, you can take your running to the next level. I am confident that by working with me, we can build a solid foundation ahead of your next race-specific training cycle.

Groundwork like this is what leads to new personal records.

Why Are You Giving Away Free Coaching?

I am doing this because I can.

My life is relatively untouched by the ongoing health crisis and the drastic measures that have been put in place by authorities around the world. Others are not quite as lucky as I have been.

People are losing their jobs. Or, worse yet, losing people they love to the virus that is currently spreading. With two coaching spots open at the moment, offering my services to someone less fortunate than myself seems like the only reasonable thing to do.

I hope that for someone who is currently having a rough time, this can serve as a distraction. It’s not much, but it’s something.

How Can I Get Two Free Months of Coaching?

Leave your details in the form below, and share how the current circumstances have affected your life. Based on this, I will select two runners who get free running coaching for two full months.

That’s it. There are no hidden fees or obligations. You don’t have to leave your credit card details or commit to coaching beyond the two free months. Depending on the number of responses, I will try to respond to everyone, and let those who don’t get selected know.

Two Months Free Coaching

Want to learn more about our coaching service? Check out this page for all the details.

PS! If you know a runner who you you believe deserves this more than anyone else, use the form above to get in touch. We want to extend this offer to runners for whom it will make a difference, even if that person won’t share their own story with us directly.