Training Log for Week 6 of 2018

An injury scare got the best of me this week, and I only ended up doing two easy treadmill runs for a combined total of 22 km (13 miles) throughout the week. I have been experiencing some pain in my right, lower leg, just where the calf connects to the achilles tendon. The pain has been significant enough both during running, and while still, that I did not want to risk aggravating it by running more this week. My marathon training plan starts next week, and it would be very annoying to have to start skipping sessions in the first week.

I have added eccentric heel drops to my daily routine, and it feels like this is helping. Additionally, I am also stretching and rolling my calves several times per day. The pain has been subsiding over the last couple of days, and I will be starting marathon training as planned this coming week. Fingers crossed that this was just a scare, and not something that will bother me in the weeks to come.

Training Log for Week 5 of 2018

Not much running this week, as I have been battling an injury scare which limited me to 42 km (26 miles) of running. This was spread across three days towards the end of the week. But I was able to supplement with a fair amount of cross country skiing, bringing my total time of training for the week up to 8.5 hours.

The big one was a 40 km (25 miles) long trip from north to south in the nothern parts of the Oslo forests. I hopped on the bus in the early morning hours, which made it possible to do this point to point session. The conditions were fantastic, and I am really starting to feel that the improvement in my aerobic endurance is paying dividends, also while skiing.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Pfitzinger states in Advanced Marathoning that cross country skiing is pretty much the only activity that is more aerobically demanding than running, and it is therefore the best form of cross training. My experiences this winter attest to that, as well, and I can very much recommend XC skiing as supplemental training to running during winter.

Training Log for Week 4 of 2018

Another week of base building came and went, and with total weekly mileage amounting to 110 km (68 miles). I was aiming to follow up last week’s all time high mileage with another strong week in terms of mileage, with the bar being set at about 70 miles. I figured if I can do two straight weeks of peak week mileage, I’m good and ready for Pfitz 18/70, which I will begin with just two weeks from today. All in all I’m pleased with more or less doing it, even if I came up two miles short on account of slacking when it came to doubles. No doubles this week, I just like sleep to much.

The conditions have been pretty horrible for the most part, which saw me migrate inside for two runs, one of which was this week’s medium long run. 20+ km of running on the dread is just not for me, and I was absolutely beat afterwards despite a relatively modest pace. Shorter runs are OK, but the treadmill just seems to take so much out of me, compared to doing the same outside. And naturally, that’s not a feeling I appreciate.

Other than that, I did another (close to) 20 miler (30+ km) on Sunday. This one was harder than the one I did a week back, but the surfaces were generally a bit more demanding (snowy, wet and slushy) so I’ll take it. Plus it was at the end of a second straight week of close to ATH mileage.

I’ve got some small aches here and there, so today is another rest day, before I plan to spend the next two weeks alternating between running and XC skiing. I’m confident that I’m physically ready to handle Pfitz 18/70 now, so the next two weeks are all about getting healthy and mentally ready to get going with some harder sessions again!

Training Log for Week 3 of 2018

I really wanted to spend this weekend XC skiing, too, but as I’m nearing the end of base building I thought it prudent to prioritise showing to myself that I’m capable of the long Sunday long runs, and overall mileage Pfitz 18/70 requires. So all in all, it was a record high week in terms of mileage for me, with 116 km (72 miles) total, even if I’ve spent more time training the last few weeks than I did this week. But a fair bit of it being XC skiing, which I’ve found to be excellent cross training.

My Sunday long run, as I mentioned yesterday, was my all time longest run! I felt surprisingly good for the most part of the run, and considering that it was at the end of an all time high mileage week and on (decent) snow covered roads, I probably ran it a bit too fast. But ho-hey!

Just another three weeks of base building to go, before I start up with Pfitz 18/70. I’m really looking forward to that. It’s getting a bit monotonous to basically stay away from all sorts of workouts. I have (finally) added some strides to a few of my runs over the past two weeks though, and it has made me feel so much lighter and quicker. Has me quite excited for what kind of gains I might get to see once I start pushing myself properly!

Training Log for Week 2 of 2018

The total distance of running done this week only totaled up to 53 km (33 miles), but even so it was a very goo training week. I got in a Tuesday double, with some easy kilometres in the morning, and a slightly longer run with my running group in the evening. Wednesday was just another easy run, followed by a 20k medium long run in the snow on Thursday.

I spent both Saturday and Sunday cross country skiing, and the total time spent training throughout the week was about nine hours. My fitness is improving, and by substituting some running for skiing, I am able to keep my motivation up, which can be hard enough now that winter has properly arrived.

Training Log for Week 1 of 2018

This was Super Week! over at r/artc, and I participated with the aim of logging a new all time high for weekly mileage. To explain the concept of Super Week! I will borrow from the post I linked to above:

The basic idea is that adding a small block (in this case, one week) of either high mileage or high intensity workouts into an already existing consistent training cycle will allow you to push past plateaus and train yourself to withstand the punishing later stages of races, both physically and mentally.

Going into the week, I had planned to log 130 km (81 miles) of running spread across all seven days of the week. It would be preferable to do it all with singles, but a couple of easy doubles would be alright if that’s what it would take to get the mileage in.

Everything went according to plan throughout the week, and I did a couple of medium long runs at just above 20k on Monday and Thursday, while getting in some general aerobic runs in challenging conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday I did my first double, mostly in an attempt to get in some extra mileage, because at this point I had seen the weather forecasts and knew I would be prioritising cross country skiing on Sunday. That meant the long run went out the window, and I wouldn’t reach my goal for Super Week.

The conditions for XC skiing were too good to pass up on this week, and I prioritised skiing in these scenic conditions over the traditional Sunday Long Run.

Still, I ended up logging 100 km (62 miles) across six days of running, followed by a 30k cross country skiing session in magnificent conditions on Sunday. All in all one of my best weeks of training ever, and I give myself a passing grade on Super Week! despite missing my goal for running mileage.