Training Log for Week 31 of 2018

Another week of training is in the books, and I am now firmly in the “kicking stones” territory. That is to say, I am right between cycles of training for a proper goal race, and my training is probably suffering as a result. There is no short-term outlining the structure of my training, and I am probably not doing enough quality work to the get the returns I should given the time I am putting in at the moment.

Still, I managed to get in some decent mileage again this week, and as I am planning to start another marathon cycle this fall, improving that base is probably the most important thing. The weekly total was 94 kilometres (58 miles) and 1148 meters (3766 ft) of climbing after 7 hours and 42 minutes of running. Additionally, I cross-trained with 40 minutes of biking and 20 minutes of core strength work.

Trails, green trees and the blue sky.
Early mornings on the trails into work have become a favourite!

There was not much to talk about this week, as most of my training was fairly straightforward. On Tuesday I managed to squeeze in 6 all-out 15-second hill repetitions. Thursday I added back the famous mid-week medium long run for a total of 23k. I had almost forgotten how challenging those runs can be!

Going forward, I am now less than a week out from my first race since my marathon; a 5k on August 11th. I am not feeling particularly good about getting back to racing again at this point, let alone something as high paced as a 5k when I’ve done so little speed-work over the past couple of months. No matter, I will give what I have on the day. If you’d asked me a couple of months ago, I would have said that 17:30 was a decent race. But as I’m lacking sharpness, I’ll be happy to get in within 20 seconds of that. My current PR of 18:56 should still take a solid beating, though!