Training Log for Week 1 of 2018

This was Super Week! over at r/artc, and I participated with the aim of logging a new all time high for weekly mileage. To explain the concept of Super Week! I will borrow from the post I linked to above:

The basic idea is that adding a small block (in this case, one week) of either high mileage or high intensity workouts into an already existing consistent training cycle will allow you to push past plateaus and train yourself to withstand the punishing later stages of races, both physically and mentally.

Going into the week, I had planned to log 130 km (81 miles) of running spread across all seven days of the week. It would be preferable to do it all with singles, but a couple of easy doubles would be alright if that’s what it would take to get the mileage in.

Everything went according to plan throughout the week, and I did a couple of medium long runs at just above 20k on Monday and Thursday, while getting in some general aerobic runs in challenging conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday I did my first double, mostly in an attempt to get in some extra mileage, because at this point I had seen the weather forecasts and knew I would be prioritising cross country skiing on Sunday. That meant the long run went out the window, and I wouldn’t reach my goal for Super Week.

The conditions for XC skiing were too good to pass up on this week, and I prioritised skiing in these scenic conditions over the traditional Sunday Long Run.

Still, I ended up logging 100 km (62 miles) across six days of running, followed by a 30k cross country skiing session in magnificent conditions on Sunday. All in all one of my best weeks of training ever, and I give myself a passing grade on Super Week! despite missing my goal for running mileage.

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