Training Log for Week 12 of 2019

Not overdoing it has been the recurring theme in my training over the past couple of weeks. Looking at the numbers for this week, I realise I have been right at the edge of going overboard. Still, it was a good week of training that I got through unscathed, and I’ll take it. Read on for all the details.

Weekly Stats

Distance Run: 85 kilometres (53 miles)
Running Elevation Gain: 683 metres (2 240 feet)
Time Running: 6 hours 27 minutes
Time Cross Training: 25 minutes


AM: 9 km (5.6 miles) treadmill recovery run (45 minutes)

As per usual, I kicked off the week with a recovery run. Not much to talk about here.


AM: 15.1 km (9.4 miles) threshold interval session (1 hour 3 minutes)

I was excited to note when I woke up this morning that the snow had cleared. Finally, I could ditch the treadmill and take my threshold workout back outside. Still a bit unsure about the knee, and the varying conditions, I kept it close to home and stuck to the 750-meter loop around the house.

My plan for the day was a prolonged warm-up followed by three times four loops on and one off. With the temperature just below freezing, and this being my first session outside in a good few months, I struggled to get the speed up on the first interval. As if that wasn’t enough, my watch was just about out of power after the second interval, so I decided to cut the workout a bit short.

Still, I managed to run the first 3k on at 3:51 min/km (6:12 min/mile) pace and the second 3k at 3:38 min/km (5:51 min/mile) pace with 750 meters float at 4:30 min/km (7:15 min/mile) pace in between. It was all very much controlled, and another positive sign with regards to my physical shape.

PM: Bodyweight strength and conditioning work (10 minutes)


AM: 8.1 km (5 miles) recovery run (42 minutes)

Feeling buoyed by the resurgence of spring, I was delighted to get in a recovery run under a beautiful sunrise.

Injury free runner is back running outside as the snow has cleared.
The snow has cleared from the roads, and I am back running outside once more!


AM: 18.5 km (11.5 miles) medium long run (1 hour 23 minutes)

With things starting to come together, it was time to add back a proper medium long run to the programme. I kept it at a moderate, controlled level. I increased the session slightly, upping the intensity a bit over the last five or six kilometres.

PM: Bodyweight strength and conditioning work (15 minutes)


AM: 10 km (6.2 miles) recovery run (51 minutes)

Another recovery run in perfect conditions of the kind that only spring can offer up. Ran by our new house to get a head start on finding new distance markers.


Full rest day.


AM: 24 km (15 miles) progression long run (1 hour 44 minutes)

After a good week of running, I was excited to see how I would hold up on a longer run. With a lack of distance characterising my injury-ridden training over the past two months, I was expecting a hard time.

I ran the first 14k together with a friend at a moderate pace, which felt ridiculously easy on the day. Even with a bit of a headwind and some climbing, 4:20 min/km (6:58 min/mile) pace felt easy. After going out on my own, I increased the tempo another notch. And, as was to be expected, I started struggling a bit after 18-19 kilometres.

Still, I powered through and went into the red as I gained 80 meters of elevation over 2k towards the end. Ultimately, this was probably not the optimal way to end the run. But it was fun, and I felt decent, and sometimes you have to let rip!


There is no reason to hold back any more at this point. I am injury free, and back to full training — the combination of distance, intensity, and how my body felt are all positive signs of what’s to come. The risk of reinjury is still high, so I have to be cautious as I add back mileage to my upcoming training weeks.

My cumulative training load is also much lower than I have gotten used to over the past year or so. How fresh I am feeling at the moment is partly a result of this. I need to keep this in mind and hold back to avoid doing too much, too soon.

You can check out my Strava profile for all the stats from all my runs.