Training Log for Week 15 of 2018

Another week of training in the books, and the end of the week was the halfway mark through my Pfitzinger 18 (weeks) / 70 (peak mpw) training plan in preparation for my marathon debut in June. Between racing a half marathon last Sunday, and some challenges with a cold and a sinus infection in the weeks leading up to that half, this week was all about recovering on my feet.

Put another way, I wanted to recover while still getting my mileage back up to the minimum I want to be doing while preparing for the marathon. That meant getting in at least 100 km / 62 miles, and probably most of it running in zone one or two, depending on how I felt as the week progressed.

Monday and Tuesday I found myself absolutely beat, and it took all I had to just get in a few kilometres. Wednesday I felt a little better while doing a lunch recovery run, and tried a slow medium long run at 20k on Thursday. I was still struggling at that point, and especially beyond 10k. Friday and Saturday I did some general aerobic runs at around 12 and 15k, before closing the week out with a short long run on Sunday, which amounted to 24k and a bit of climbing. Even on Sunday, I was still struggling with turnover. I found that doing some climbing helped force the intensity, and it felt like it shook off some rust.

Garmin training load shows recovery
Garmin training load
Strava training load shows recovery
Strava training load

Most of my running this week was at recovery intensity, and all total, I ended up with 102 km / 63 miles for the week. I am also fairly confident that I managed to do it while recovering effectively. Strava and my Garmin both agree, which is always nice, even if I am a firm advocate of applying a healthy dose of scepticism when using these kinds of measurements for training load.

This coming week I will be looking to add some more intensity to my training, after a full rest day on Monday, while hopefully keeping the mileage more or less steady. The Pfitzinger plan is finally throwing some VO2Max work my way. Saturday will be exciting, as I am running a local 10k race, although I can’t exactly say that the long run the following day is something I am particularly looking forward to.

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