Training Log for Week 16 of 2018

The tenth week of my 18 week marathon training plan was a good one. I logged 109 km (68 miles) and 991 m (3250 feet) of climbing across nine hours of running. After coasting last week with only easy running to get my mileage back up post half marathon, I was able to add in some intensity this week.

Monday was a full rest day, while I did around 15k General Aerobic on Tuesday. Wednesday I did my first VO2Max session for the year, 5×800 with 90 seconds walking rest (Strava). I ran the 800s in 2:50 and it felt just as a tough as I’d feared, but I found it amazing to see how quickly I recovered in-between the intervals. Had planned on two minute rests, but after about a minute my HR was already below the range where Pfitzinger suggests you start back up again, so I went with 90 seconds.

Thursday I did a medium long run by commuting in to work (Strava), while Friday’s run was a 10k recovery session at a leisurely pace. Saturday I ran another race, Sentrumsløpet 10k. I bested my previous PR set back in October with about a minute and a half, and chip time as I crossed the finish line was 36:57. Was very pleased with that, as the course is a bit tough in my opinion, with a bit of climbing. Be sure to read the race report for all the details of how the race went.

I’m now in the meat of Pfitz, and will be looking to keep my mileage near peak volume over the next five weeks or so, before starting the taper. Overall I’m still feeling pretty good, but two races over the previous two weeks definitely makes it a bit harder to get the work in. While running a good race makes me want to do even better, I always feel like I deserve a bit of a break after racing. That makes going out for a long run the day after the race a bit of a mental challenge, but I’m hoping that will only make me stronger and more resilient in the long run. (He-he!)

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