Training Log for Week 17 of 2018

As per Pfitzinger’s 18-week marathon training plan that I am using in the build-up for my marathon debut, the previous week was the last of the second mesocycle lactate threshold and endurance, leading into four weeks of race preparations. All in all, it was a decent week of training, and I ended up running 111 km (69 miles) spread over a little more than 9 hours, with 1,102 meters (3,615 ft) of climbing.

The week kicked off with a recovery session on Monday before I unexpectedly had to cancel the planned run on Tuesday. I barely managed to get through the day at work on account of headaches and generally feeling pretty bad, and feared that I was coming down with something that would throw a proper wrench in my training plans. As I came home from work, I went straight to bed and more or less slept until Wednesday morning, and woke up feeling much better.

What it was that bothered me on Tuesday, I don’t know, but I counted my blessings that it didn’t set me further back and went out for an easy general aerobic 15k run on Wednesday evening. On Thursday I did a double comprising an AM 10k and a PM 15k.

Because of my plans for the weekend, and the fact that I had the day off from work, I had scheduled my long run for the week to Friday. It was a pretty long one, with 35k on the plan. Every part of my body wanted to just drop it and pretend like nothing as I woke up to the alarm on my day off, which was a cold and quite windy one. But, I got out there and I put in the miles, despite the fact that it felt like I had to work for every single step. Some days are just horrible, but I believe that getting through whatever’s on the plan for those days hardens you.

An uphill road
Some days leave you feeling like you’re constantly running uphill.

Saturday was an easy 8k recovery session, while I closed off the week with a 20k medium long on Sunday afternoon. All in all a decent week of training, but because of scheduling and the unplanned day off, I missed out on the final LT session of the cycle. That means I have to try and fit it in somewhere in the coming week, which will make it a challenging week. Hopefully, I am equipped to handle it this point.

One lesson learned this week is that being busier than normal outside of running will have an effect my training. This is nothing new, of course, but it is interesting to really feel that my body has less energy when running in busy periods. Knowing that I fully expect that starting a new job this week will make my training severely more challenging in the coming month. Not ideal, but it is what it is, and will be doing my best to get enough rest between work and training to hopefully make it work both at my new place of employment and out on the road.

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