Training Log for Week 18 of 2018

Only six weeks out from my goal marathon, I am now in the meat of my training. Last week was a really good week of training overall, as I was able to combine intensive workouts with peak mileage. Across just shy of nine hours of running, I got in 112 km (70 miles) and 1,033 meters (3,390 ft) of climbing last week.

I started the week off with a short 8k recovery session on Monday, before upping the pace a bit on Tuesday, with a steady state Medium Long Run with a 4 km cutdown to just a bit faster than marathon pace. Total distance for the run including the cooldown was 22.5 km. After this run, I felt a bit of a niggle on the outside of my right midfoot. It did not bother me at all while running, but I felt sore afterwards and in the following morning.

Come Wednesday, I kept the foot on the pedal and did a VO2Max session consisting of 5 x 600 meters at around 5k pace with an 80 seconds 200-meter jog between intervals. I didn’t feel particularly fresh throughout this session, but I got through it as prescribed, even if it probably cost a bit more than it should have. The outside of my right midfoot still lingered post running, without being more than barely noticeable while running.

Thursday was a full rest day before I did a 16k General Aerobic run on Friday. Saturday was the day for the last Lactate Threshold specific session of the cycle. With 11k at threshold pace, it’s a pretty big workout. As I didn’t feel really great on the day, I decided to the threshold segment based on HR, as opposed to trying to hit certain paces. All in all, I got through it alright, even if I found it pretty challenging to keep the intensity high enough at stretches. That cumulative fatigue is making its mark!

I closed off the week with a comfortable long run. Well, I use “comfortable” as an adjective for the pace, rather than how I felt throughout. At the end of a long week, I’m not going to find it comfortable past kilometre 25 regardless of pace. Which is fine, and getting the work in on tired legs should be very decent marathon training.

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