Training Log for Week 2 of 2019

After a solid period of winter marathon training, with mileage right near the peak of what I am capable of at the moment, this was a planned down week. It is important to take the foot off the gas regularly, to let the body recover and absorb the sustained training load. For me, that means reducing mileage with around 25% while keeping the intensity I have been running at.

Weekly Stats

Distance Run: 91 kilometres (57 miles)
Running Elevation Gain: 682 metres (2237 feet)
Time Running: 7 hours 14 minutes
Time Cross Training: 0 hours 0 minutes

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The week started with a full rest day after a niggling pain appeared behind my knee during my Sunday long run. Ideally, I should be cross-training or doing supplemental strength work. I just didn’t get it done, which is poor.


9 km (5.6 miles) recovery run inside on the treadmill. I still felt a slight discomfort behind the knee. At this point, it felt more like general soreness, so I wasn’t too worried about it.


12 km (7.5 miles) recovery inside on the treadmill. Another very easy day inside on the treadmill on account of the niggle. Felt even better today, and ready to try something slightly faster the next day.


16 km (10 miles) progression medium long run inside on the treadmill. After a couple of days of rest and recovery pace runs, I lose all flow when I get back to proper training again. This felt much harder than it should have, but that was really expected. Had originally planned to go a bit longer, but was strapped for time and had to get to work in time for a meeting.

Marathon training in winter terrain
More nice winter views this week.


15 km (9 miles) easy morning run into work. The niggles keep on coming, as they should during marathon training. This time it was my right calf that was unusually tense. Thankfully, it felt better as the run progressed, and there was no discomfort behind the knee at this point.


12 km (7.5 miles) general aerobic run in the evening. After all the easy running this week, I wanted to up the pace slightly without turning it into a workout. There was a long run on the plan for the next day, after all. Felt pretty good throughout


27 km (16.9 miles) long run in the afternoon. Originally the plan was to take this one easy. But, since I canned the workout this week, I decided to run it a bit faster. I ended up averaging 4:29 min/km (7:03 min/mile) on snow and ice over a quite hilly route. In hindsight, this was probably pushing it a bit too hard, especially given that this was a recovery week.


I more or less did what I had planned, but the week ended on a proper low note. Walking around the house a couple of hours after my long run on Sunday, I got a sudden sharp pain in my kneecap. I didn’t think much of it as it happened, but the pain essentially had me limping for the rest of the day. This was something that was going to affect my training for next week.

The only question is to which degree. Will it sideline me completely? Or will it pass like the other niggles that have come and gone over the past few weeks? That will be answered in the next weekly edition of my training log.

If you want to look at all the stats from every single one of my runs, feel free to check out my Strava profile.

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