Training Log for Week 20 of 2018

This past weekend marked four weeks to go until my goal race, my marathon debut on June 16th. I am still using the Pfitzinger 18 week, 70 miles per week at peak training plan as the template for my work, and the penultimate week before the taper starts was another decent week of training for me. The log shows a total of 9 hours 9 minutes spent running, which resulted in 115 km (72 miles) and 1,311 meters (4,302 ft) of climbing. Additionally, I spent 30 minutes on the bike for cross training.

The week started with half an hour on the bike on Monday, in an attempt to try and shake out some of the soreness in my legs from the hard Sunday run the day before. Come Tuesday my legs definitely still felt heavy, though, as I tagged along with a friend for a 15k morning run into work.

Wednesday I felt good as I started from work and intended to add an extra loop to make my run home a proper medium long at around 24k. Unfortunately, I totally failed to account for the fact that I’ve barely run in any sort of hot weather this year, and the 25+ degrees Celcius completely got to me after 7-8k, and eventually, I had to cut the run short at 18k.

Thursday was the Norwegian national day, and that means no work. I took advantage of the day off by getting off to the track before the festivities started properly, and did a light VO2Max session which consisted of 5 x 600m intervals at around 5k pace, which is about 3:30 min/km (5:38 min/mile). At 2:02, 2:02, 2:02, 2:02 and finally 2:01, I was pleased with how evenly I ran the splits.

Come Friday morning it was back to work, and I ran in for a good start to the day. As I beat the heat in the morning and felt quite good through the first half of the run, I decided to tack on an extra 8k loop to make up for the lost mileage on Tuesday. Total distance was 23k at a decent pace, considering I did a bit of climbing, too.

Saturday was just a short 8k recovery run before I ended the week with a 33k long run on Sunday afternoon. It was another hot day and the wind made the back half of the run extra challenging. But all in all another decent long run in the bag.

I am currently trying to plan out my final week before the taper. Yes, I am following a Pfitzinger training plan, but making modifications when and where I see fit. For me, that means that the coming week, which ends with three weeks to go until race day, will be peak week in terms of mileage. The conundrum as it stands is how do I close out the week, with a 10-mile race or a 20+ mile long run at marathon pace with a good group? I’ve yet to decide.

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