Training Log for Week 28 of 2018

This was the fourth week after my marathon back on June 16th, and it’s good to finally be able to say that my body is beginning to feel normal again. Six and a half hours of running this week resulted in 79 km (49 miles) of running with 884 meters (2867 ft) of climbing. In terms of cross-training, I only managed to get in about half an hour on the bike.

The week started off in a good fashion, as the weather was perfect for running home after work, with clouds and a bit of rain to keep me nice and cool in around 20 degrees Celsius. The next couple of days the heat returned, and I tried to get all of my running done in the morning, going into work.

A dewy field early in the morning
Early morning runs can make for some scenic views, such as this dewy morning field.

As the week progressed, I felt that I recovered well and felt noticeably better after each run compared to what the past few weeks have been like. This spurred me on, and I got a real mental boost from feeling decent again, and I even signed up for a race. Come August 11, I will be running for a new 5k PR, which will hopefully be in the 17:30 range if I can get going again now.

That will in fact not be my first race after my goal marathon, as I did indeed participate in a marathon race this past Saturday. A couple of local guys had put on a race in the town where I live to celebrate finishing their 100th and 50th marathon respectively. Wow, well done! As I believe it is important to support local initiatives such as this, I decided to sign up for the marathon even if I knew I wouldn’t finish it. I jogged through 18k at a reasonably comfortable trot before calling it a day, but the hot conditions with a scorching sun and close to 30 Celsius in the shade made it a harder effort than I had hoped for.

Runner at Kråkstad Athletics Track
The 4k laps of Saturday’s race included a lap around one of the local tracks. This is me during the third of the five laps I ran.

Thankfully I pulled up alright on Sunday, and got through 8k at a decent recovery pace without feeling much of what I did the day before in my legs and body otherwise. I take this as a clear sign that I should be ready to add in some higher intensity work this coming week. The plan is to start with adding some short and hard hill repeats to a couple of my runs, and if I don’t notice any adverse effects from those I can start planning some proper sessions in the following weeks to try to get ready for a go at sub 17:30 in the 5k.

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