Training Log for Week 3 of 2018

I really wanted to spend this weekend XC skiing, too, but as I’m nearing the end of base building I thought it prudent to prioritise showing to myself that I’m capable of the long Sunday long runs, and overall mileage Pfitz 18/70 requires. So all in all, it was a record high week in terms of mileage for me, with 116 km (72 miles) total, even if I’ve spent more time training the last few weeks than I did this week. But a fair bit of it being XC skiing, which I’ve found to be excellent cross training.

My Sunday long run, as I mentioned yesterday, was my all time longest run! I felt surprisingly good for the most part of the run, and considering that it was at the end of an all time high mileage week and on (decent) snow covered roads, I probably ran it a bit too fast. But ho-hey!

Just another three weeks of base building to go, before I start up with Pfitz 18/70. I’m really looking forward to that. It’s getting a bit monotonous to basically stay away from all sorts of workouts. I have (finally) added some strides to a few of my runs over the past two weeks though, and it has made me feel so much lighter and quicker. Has me quite excited for what kind of gains I might get to see once I start pushing myself properly!

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