Training Log for Week 4 of 2018

Another week of base building came and went, and with total weekly mileage amounting to 110 km (68 miles). I was aiming to follow up last week’s all time high mileage with another strong week in terms of mileage, with the bar being set at about 70 miles. I figured if I can do two straight weeks of peak week mileage, I’m good and ready for Pfitz 18/70, which I will begin with just two weeks from today. All in all I’m pleased with more or less doing it, even if I came up two miles short on account of slacking when it came to doubles. No doubles this week, I just like sleep to much.

The conditions have been pretty horrible for the most part, which saw me migrate inside for two runs, one of which was this week’s medium long run. 20+ km of running on the dread is just not for me, and I was absolutely beat afterwards despite a relatively modest pace. Shorter runs are OK, but the treadmill just seems to take so much out of me, compared to doing the same outside. And naturally, that’s not a feeling I appreciate.

Other than that, I did another (close to) 20 miler (30+ km) on Sunday. This one was harder than the one I did a week back, but the surfaces were generally a bit more demanding (snowy, wet and slushy) so I’ll take it. Plus it was at the end of a second straight week of close to ATH mileage.

I’ve got some small aches here and there, so today is another rest day, before I plan to spend the next two weeks alternating between running and XC skiing. I’m confident that I’m physically ready to handle Pfitz 18/70 now, so the next two weeks are all about getting healthy and mentally ready to get going with some harder sessions again!

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