Training Log for Week 41 of 2018

One more week to go before the final race of the year, and I am mentally feeling very ready for a break at this point. With the coming week being a bit of a taper week, in an attempt to maximise my freshness for the upcoming 10k, this was my last full training week before the season break. Total mileage for the week was 95 kilometres (59 miles) and 1088 meters (3569 feet) of elevation gain across 7 hours and 45 minutes of running.

I kicked the week off with an easy run home from work, before I reintroduced the mid-week medium long run on Tuesday, with an up-tempo 20k morning run. These runs are staples of Pfitzinger inspired marathon training, and I like to keep doing them every now and then, even if I am a few weeks away from starting back up with another marathon training cycle.

Fall running on a road surrounded by trees.
Scenic views are one of the the perks of being a runner in the fall 

Wednesday I did a very slow recovery run, before following that with a slightly faster easy run on Thursday. The big session of the week took place on Friday when I had a 10k predictor workout scheduled in the form of a very demanding VO2Max session. The session is 3x2k with just 90 seconds rest between the intervals, which I have found to be a very good predictor for what I am able to do in a 10k race. The hope was to run each of the 2k intervals in around 7 minutes, which I believed would indicate being capable of going below 36 minutes in the 10k. In the end, average split for the 2k intervals was 7:02 (3:31 min/km or 5:40 min/mile pace) which was a little slower than I wanted. Still, it leaves me with a slight hope of sub-36 this weekend, and anything slower than 36:30 will be a disappointment after that session.

Saturday was a rest day before I ended the week with a solid long run on undulating trails on Sunday afternoon. I came dangerously close to bonking towards the end of this run, which was an important learning experience as I am attempting to dial in my nutrition strategy as I start a new marathon training cycle.

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