Training Log for Week 42 of 2018

With the season coming to a close with this week’s 10k race on Saturday, this what a bit of a taper week in an attempt to reach race day feeling fit and fresh. I ended up running just 57 kilometres (35 miles) with 567 meters (1860 feet) of elevation gain, which amounted to 4 hours and 33 minutes of running.

I am starting to get a decent idea about what works for me leading into weekend races, so I try to stick with what I know for the most part. An extra rest day, two easy days and one slightly faster, before a short and quicker run where I touch in on marathon pace on the eve of the race has been the formula for me this year. I followed that to a tee this week, resting on Monday, an 11k recovery run on Tuesday into work. Wednesday I also ran to work, a bit faster, which really gets the heart pumping through some of those hills, before I did another easy morning to work on Tuesday.

Man walking in the woods with a stroller
Out for a “recovery walk” with the baby in the stroller

On that Friday run, which was only 6k, I should note that I relax the pace significantly in all hills. The idea is to just loosen your legs by shaking out a bit, but you don’t want to go hard on the hills and possibly lose some freshness for the race the next day. Some people prefer a slower run with added strides, which I’ve not experienced too much with yet.

On Saturday I didn’t do anything apart from a warm-up and a cool down before and after the race. If you keep up with my Instagram, you know that it’s no secret that the race went very well! Stay tuned for all the details in the full race report coming later this week. This upcoming week is also a full rest and recovery week for me, with absolutely no running, and I will be going into detail about why I like to take an extended period totally off from running in next week’s training log.

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