Training Log for Week 44 of 2018

After a week of complete rest, I was really getting ready to go once this week rolled around. I finished my training plan for the next 23 weeks over the weekend and was ready to make myself a slave to the plan. On the plan for this week was 87 kilometres (54 miles) while my weekly total ended up at a mere 62 kilometres (39 miles) with 667 meters (2188 feet) of elevation gain across five hours and six minutes of running.

What happened? I was only able to follow the plan for a single day, before a bad case of the man-flu threw a wrench in it, and sidelined me for two days. Of course, even the most meticulous plans have no value unless you are able to adjust them according to the unforeseen circumstances that inevitably keeps you from following what’s on paper.

My philosophy when it comes to adjusting for missed runs is very simple, and is based on advice put to pen by both Jack Daniels and Pete Pfitzinger: If I miss a few days or even a week of running, I never try to make it up. I simply follow the plan from the point I pick it up again.

Getting stressed by missed mileage or workouts to the point that you attempt to make up for it is a recipe for overextending, and injuring yourself. Of course, adhering to this principle is much easier when you’re in the building phase, rather than the meat of your training, closing in on the date of your goal race.

Being twenty-three weeks out from my goal race, though, a little hiccup like this is nothing to get stressed about. So when Thursday rolled around and I was feeling a bit better, I was happy to get out there and just get going again. The coming week should be better, and hopefully, I will be able to stick the plan I’ve laid out.