Training Log for Week 46 of 2018

Finally, a week that went more or less according to plan. With 110 kilometres (69 miles) and 1055 meters (3461 feet) of elevation gain across 8 hours and 56 minutes of running for the week, I actually managed to get in a few more miles than planned.

I started the week with just 10k easy on Monday, which was followed by a decent general aerobic session just shy of 15k after work on Tuesday. Wednesday marked the return of the midweek medium long run, where I was able to log 22 kilometres at a decent clip. These are staple runs of marathon training, in my (and Pete Pfitzinger’s) opinion. But, they are also the most challenging runs of the week for me, mentally, so I was happy about feeling good throughout the run this week.

My Thursday recovery run was a bit of a disaster. On account of some changed up plans, I had to do it about an hour after dinner (pancakes!) and I suffered for it. The pace was just a step above walking, but it was still, without doubt, one of the most painful runs I’ve had this year. I was nauseous from the first to the last step, and I even had to stop a couple of times because I thought I needed to puke. Cutting it short was not an option, however, because this was the week I at least got in the planned mileage.

Paved sidewalk perfect for running in Ski, Akershus, Norway.
Perfect conditions for an early morning Sunday long run!

Friday I was back to feeling decent again, and I got in an easy 14k commute run in the morning, before adding in an 8k recovery double after work. Saturday I spent doing other things than running, as usual, before I went out on a proper long run with a friend from my local running group on Sunday morning. Coming in at 31k, this was actually my longest run since I ran a marathon back in June. All in all, I felt pretty good throughout, even if I had to work a bit through the final few kilometres. Overall, it feels good to be back to marathon training mileage, and I’m excited and motivated about the work to be done in the coming weeks and months.