Training Log for Week 48 of 2018

Last week’s training log ended with me running while not feeling good on Sunday, and asking the question how bad the punishment for doing so would be. Well, the numbers for this week more or less tell the full story. I only ran 30 kilometres (18 miles) with 493 meters (1617 feet) of climbing over 2 hours and 33 minutes.

I found myself clogged up and in pretty bad shape on Monday morning, and running was out of the question at this point. After pushing myself to work and getting through the first two days of the week, I just got worse and had to spend both Wednesday and Thursday in bed and under the covers. In a way, that is more preferable to hobbling through your normal routine, because you’re not even thinking about running when you’re in that bad of a shape.

Out for a walk with the stroller
A walk with the stroller was pretty much all I was up for this week.

On Thursday evening I started feeling a bit better, and I could probably have gone out for a short run, but after getting burned previously, I opted for the safe option and rested another day. The first run of the week came in the form of a very cautious 7k easy run on Saturday, while I followed up with an easy double on Sunday, in an attempt to get my legs going a bit again.

All in all not a good week of training, in what should have been the lead up to the first week of my 18-week training plan ahead of Holmestrand Maraton on April 6th, 2019. Instead, I will have to use the next week or two to get going again before I start marathon training in earnest. There is still time, however, so I am not panicking just yet, but there is not much wiggle room left if I want to have a chance of realising my goals.

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