Training Log for Week 49 of 2018

After losing out on training for the better part of last week, the focus for this week was all about carefully getting back into the swing of things. I wanted to get back to planned mileage quickly, but without straining the body too much as I was still recovering. Through 8 hours and 41 minutes of running, I managed to get in 103 kilometres (64 miles) with 1092 metres (3583 feet) of elevation gain.

On Monday, I started the week with an easy 10k / 6k double in the AM and PM. I still wasn’t feeling too hot, and rain and wind didn’t exactly make it better, so I kept it really easy. On Tuesday I was back to feeling pretty under the weather, and, having learned from my previous mistakes, I quickly instated an unplanned rest day.

That proved to be a smart move, because on Wednesday I did 15k, and finally felt alright running again for the first time in almost two weeks. Progress! Careful not to get too carried away, I continued on doing only easy runs on Friday and Saturday.

Beautiful winter scenery with clouds, sun and frost smoke
This Sunday was a perfect winter day for running with scenic conditions 

Sunday afternoon, I started out feeling absolutely terrible for the first few kilometres of my long run. It was an absolutely beautiful winter day for running, however, and around 30 minutes into the run I found a bit of flow to match the conditions. At this point, I decided it was OK to work a bit again, so I decided to push the pace a bit for the rest of the run. Average pace for the run is not exactly impressive, but as I freak out about my paces slowing across the board, I try to remind myself that running on snow and ice isn’t really comparable to clear roads.

The plan for the coming week is simply to keep putting in the work. I am looking to increase mileage ever so slightly, and if I am feeling decent I want to put in a proper workout. It has been about a month of mostly base building at this point, and it is time to start adding back some quality. My plans for 2019 will be detailed in a future post, but I am currently 17 weeks out from my next marathon!

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