Training Log for Week 50 of 2018

With the end of the year approaching fast, there aren’t many days left for those of us who are looking to bump that year to date-counter before it mercilessly resets to zero. For me, this was another decent week of training, even if I ended up a few miles short of what was planned. Over the week I ran 107 kilometres (67 miles) with 1003 meters (3290 feet) of elevation gain over 9 hours and 4 minutes.

As has become customary, the first run of the week was an easy one, just shy of 12 kilometres running home from work. Having planned a workout on Tuesday, I decided to rejig the week a bit when I woke in the morning feeling tired after a night of fitful sleep. Being able to adapt your training to what life throws your way is important. Instead of going for a hard workout, I went out for an easy medium long run that morning, which had me feeling quite a bit better afterwards.

This week was also the first week of my current training plan that featured back to back long runs. Originally, I wanted to do these two after having the workout for the week out of the way. After shuffling up the runs, that was not an option, so I also took it easy on the second straight day of doing a medium long run.

Icy winter roads
Icy winter roads.

The workout on the plan for this week was a lactate threshold session. Previously, I have tended to do these sessions as one, continuous segment of running at around LT-pace. However, when getting back to workouts after a significant base building period without doing much faster work, I’ve found it beneficial to ease back by splitting the session into several shorter intervals. The plan, therefore, was to run 3 times 2k separated by 500 meters jogging. After overcooking myself a bit, I had to shorten the second interval, before finishing the last one as planned.

I went into the weekend with a general aerobic run on Friday, before having a full rest day on Saturday. On Sunday, I closed out the week with a quite short and very slow long run, which was just shy of 24 kilometres. A decent week, and now the focus is all about trying to start off the new year with a few weeks of decent training behind me, ready to really dig down deep into marathon training.

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