Training Log for Week 51 of 2018

This week’s training log is brought to you by a short break from holiday binge eating. Obviously, the break is short, so let’s get straight to the specifics. This week I ran 122 kilometres (76 miles) with 1311 meters (4301 feet) of elevation gain over 10 hours and 14 minutes.

All in all, this was probably my best week of training in a good while. I managed to get combine solid volume with some quality work interspersed without it costing too much, even if mother nature threw in some less than ideal conditions. Monday afternoon, I ran home from work at recovery pace. The next morning, I did the same run in reverse, before adding a very short recovery jog double in the evening.

This week’s workout was scheduled for Wednesday morning, and for once my body was up for following the plan. The workout was an LT session, consisting of four times 1600 meters at around half marathon pace, separated by two-minute jogs. Compared to last week’s session at the same pace, it felt a whole lot more controlled this week, which I take as a sign that my body is getting used to running at a faster pace again.

Scenic winter landscape
If only conditions could be like this throughout the entire winter!

The workout was followed by a midweek medium long run, where I actually felt quite decent. The pace doesn’t look like much, but with slippery conditions where I was fighting the surface with every single toe-off, this was actually a quite solid run, especially the day after a workout. Another sign that my body is adapting to the mileage increase, and getting ready to combine it with more quality work. For a good start to the weekend, I did a very slow recovery run into work on Friday morning, followed by just 6k on Saturday with about 3k at threshold intensity.

On Sunday I joined a few other local runners for what is a traditional way to start off Christmas: Running a loop which goes by seven different local churches. The name of the run? The Seven Churches Round, of course! It was a nice winter morning with temperatures at around -5 C (23 F) which made for an enjoyable if a bit slippery Sunday long run.

With the coming week off from work, the focus is just to try and keep up the nice flow, and combine decent mileage with some quality work at faster paces. It can be a bit of a challenge with the constant eating of copious amounts of delicious food, but another good week should set me up nicely for the new year, so I am as motivated as ever to put in the work.

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