Training Log for Week 6 of 2018

An injury scare got the best of me this week, and I only ended up doing two easy treadmill runs for a combined total of 22 km (13 miles) throughout the week. I have been experiencing some pain in my right, lower leg, just where the calf connects to the achilles tendon. The pain has been significant enough both during running, and while still, that I did not want to risk aggravating it by running more this week. My marathon training plan starts next week, and it would be very annoying to have to start skipping sessions in the first week.

I have added eccentric heel drops to my daily routine, and it feels like this is helping. Additionally, I am also stretching and rolling my calves several times per day. The pain has been subsiding over the last couple of days, and I will be starting marathon training as planned this coming week. Fingers crossed that this was just a scare, and not something that will bother me in the weeks to come.

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