Training Log for Week 6 of 2019

Considering my injury troubles, it feels like this was yet another write off of a week, training wise. That said, this week did offer up some hope that the tide may have turned. After consulting with my physiotherapist, we decided it was time to start adding back some more running. With three runs, it is the most I have run since I first got injured.

Weekly Stats

Distance Run: 33 kilometres (21 miles)
Running Elevation Gain: 0 metres (0 feet)
Time Running: 3 hours 1 minute
Time Cross Training: 3 hours 39 minutes


I started the week in a bit of a funk. While my knee felt no worse and was not bothering me at all during activity, running on the treadmill included, there were no signs of improvement the rest of the day. A dull ache still lingered, and I felt this indicated that I was not close to returning.

Still, I managed to motivate myself to a 45 minutes easy session on the elliptical in the morning. In the evening, I spent 15 minutes doing bodyweight strength and rehab exercises.


Full rest day.


Four times six minutes threshold session on the treadmill. Pace set to 12 km/h (7 mph) and 7% incline. In other words, the same workout I did last week, and I got through it without too much trouble.

In the afternoon, I went back in to see my physiotherapist. After explaining my situation, she decided it was time to start adding back more running to my weekly schedule. Her opinion was that I could likely gradually work my way back to regular training, given that my injury has not worsened. I might have to get used to the current tensions in and around my right knee. Or, they may gradually disappear as I keep working to improve my strength and rectify my imbalances. That’s a deal I’ll gladly grab with both hands, though, if it sees me back to regular training within a few weeks!

In the evening, I did 25 minutes of strength and rehab work just before bedtime.


With renewed hopes of getting back to full training in the foreseeable future, I gladly hopped on the elliptical for another 45-minute easy session.

When returning from a marathon training injury, a treadmill can be a gentler option to running outside.
All of my runs this week were inside on the treadmill. Not ideal, but better than not running! Photo by E.C. Campbell.


Sixty minutes easy on the treadmill for a total of 12 km (7.5 miles). The idea at this point is to add back mileage carefully, without overdoing it. If my knee handles the extra load, during and after the activity, I can add some more distance.


Forty-five minutes easy on the elliptical, yet again.


Without a doubt, this was the most exciting day of the week, as I got to add in another run compared to what I’ve done in the previous weeks. I ended up doing another hour worth of easy running, totalling 11.5 kilometres (7 miles) with an alternating incline between 0 and 1.5%.

Immediately after running, I put in 25 minutes worth of body strength and rehab work.


Finally, another weekly training log with a bit of a positive spin to it. I had no adverse reactions in the knee to my run on Sunday. The plan for the coming week is to add in another running session on the treadmill. If that works out okay, I am not too far from getting back to regular training. Once I am confident that my knee can handle five weekly runs, I will think about adding back some more quality work.

There is hope yet that I can realise some of my goals for the year!

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