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Run161’s mission is to inform and inspire runners. One of the ways I do this is by helping runners pick the right gear and accessories. And when doing so, I raise the bar to the highest level when it comes to openness and integrity.

That’s why it is important to note straight away that this website contains affiliate links. These are links that, if you click and end up making a purchase after clicking, Run161 can earn a commission, without any added cost to you.

We work with a wide range of brands and retailers to ensure that Run161 can get a cut when our reviews or mentions lead to someone making a purchase. This is one of the main ways Run161 generates income to sustain some of the costs and hours that goes into making this website. It’s not a lucrative venture by any means, which is why these links make a difference.

Why you should trust Run161


Every single article that contains one or more affiliate links is clearly branded as such. A distinct and easily visible disclaimer states that the article contains affiliate links, and links to this page for a detailed explanation of what that entails.


Although Run161 works with partners to try to earn some income from our reviews, all reviews are entirely brand independent. That is to say, everything that is reviewed on Run161 is acquired independently and self-financed.


I have been an active runner for nearly a decade, and I’ve been a geek for sports gear for far longer. My most important takeaway from all these years of experience is that there is rarely a one size fits all-option. And that is the foundation when I test and review anything, whether it is shoes, headlamps, or backpacks for run commuting.

Through my reviews, I try to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the product. And, what’s more, I try to use my experience to clarify the users and use cases a product is made for. All so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should purchase the product.

Thank you

As mentioned above, Run161 is not a lucrative venture. If you decide to use our affiliate links to make a purchase, it helps keep this site alive. Thank you for your support!