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Run161 comprises a large collection of articles about running. These articles cover a broad range of running related topics, and many are evergreen and dive into timeless subjects.

Runners of all levels can explore our articles about running to learn and grow. As runners, and as a humans.


Articles are divided into categories based on the main theme of the article.

Training category image runner in sunset


If you want to master the art and science of running training, you would do well to go through all articles in this category.

All training articles

Shoes and gear category image, a heap of running shoes on the floor

Shoes and Gear

Reviews to help you pick your next pair of running shoes. Or a backpack for your commutes. And much more.

All shoes and gear articles

Stories category picture, runner in adventurous mountain and sea surroundings


Running is a metaphor for life. And for runners, the stories of our lives intertwine with our running.

All stories

Stats category picture, treadmill in front of a screen full of charts and graphs


Runners love stats and numbers. Here you will find articles where I look at the cold, hard facts that underpin running.

All stats articles

Injury category picture, injured runner on crutches


Getting injured is inevitable. Dealing with it in a constructive manner requires mental strength and knowledge.

All injury articles

Entertainment category picture, artistic rendering of runners in a stadium


Running is the topic of an endless stream of books, movies, podcasts and what-not. Here you’ll find articles about these.

All entertainment articles

Miscellaneous category picture


Announcements and various housekeeping items related to Run161 can be found in this category.

All miscellaneous articles


In addition to category grouping, articles are tagged with relevant tags based on subject. This is to allow you to do a more granular exploration of our extensive running article archives.

Tags are arranged alphabetically, with size representing the number of articles tagged with the subject. Click on a tag to find all related articles.

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