Introducing Running for Our Lives

I love books about running. 

An historic account of a legendary runner like Today We Die a Litte? Sign me up! 

A fictional story about a college runner trying to make it like Once a Runner? I’m all over it!

Today, I’m sharing the news of another, upcoming book about running. One that—although I’ve yet to read—I’m convinced will be a hard hitter. I fully expect it to be an emotional roller coaster. It should take your feelings for a ride, make you sad one moment, and awed the next.

But most of all, I think it will reiterate and hammer home the point, once and for all, that running can change your life.

Stories of Ordinary Runners Overcoming Extraordinary Adversity

Running for Our Lives, however, is more than just a book to me. 

It features the story of how I came to be a runner. The story of a little girl who never got to run at all. The story of how I found salvation of a sort in running, at the darkest of times, after my wife and I lost our daughter—our first born child.

But that’s not why I’m confident this book will be a worthwhile read.

There are so many amazing stories amongst ordinary runners out there. Stop and query a dozen people out running, and you’ll uncover a dozen inspiring stories.

And that’s exactly what runner and writer Rachel Ann Cullen did. She talked to runners all over the world. They shared heartfelt conversations about tragedy, sorrow, and loss.

Then, she penned these stories, and they culminated in Running for Our Lives.

A Seasoned Author

Writing about running is nothing new for Rachel, the author of Running for Our Lives. She published her first book back in 2018.

The title? Running for My Life.

In this book, Rachel shared her own story. She lays herself bare, writing about how running helped her navigate life’s hardships. If you haven’t read it, it’s well worth checking out.

But that’s not all. Because running turned out to be not just a blessing for Rachel. Because what happens when you cannot do that which sets you free?

Injury forced Rachel to answer that question. And she shared the story in A Midlife Cyclist.

Serendipitous Circumstances

It was pure happenstance that led to Rachel and I crossing paths with each other. Rachel covers the details of this in the book, so you’ll have to read it if you want the full story.

But, suffice it to say that when Racel asked if I would be willing to share my story, I knew I had to say yes. Because deep down, this is not my story. It is the story of a little girl who, in a small way, changed the world.

And I want to say thank you to Rachel for sharing this story. Because all I can do as a dad to Iben—this little girl—is tell her story. That way, she’s still changing the world. Five years after her life was cut incomprehensibly short.

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Order Running for Our Lives Now

Iben’s story is just one of many in this book. And, knowing Rachel, I believe that all of them will be incredible. 

Running for Our Lives book cover on green background

The book is out now!

Click the link to purchase the book from Amazon now!

If you want to read these stories, you can pre-order Running for Our Lives now. If you do, you’ll receive a signed copy early in May, when the book finally releases.

Rachel and her publisher are also offering a 20 % discount to anyone who pre-orders. So get your order in while the offer still stands.

Also, be sure to stay tuned. I’m doing a little Q&A with Rachel, which will go live next week. Sign up for the newsletter below if you want a reminder when that goes live.


May 18, 2022


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