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Running Pace Calculator FAQ

What is the purpose of a running pace calculator?

This tool has several practical use cases.

Use it to find out how fast you need to run to set a new personal best for a certain distance. Or, perhaps you want to figure out the pace of your previous race?

Another possibility is to see how much time it will take to cover a particular distance, given an estimated average pace.

How do I calculate the required pace for my race goal time?

That’s easy!

Just select (or manually input) the race distance, and input your goal time, and hit “Calculate Pace” to find the required pace.

The calculator will show pace in time by default. Use the drop down menu to switch according to your preferences.

Can the calculator show the required splits?

Of course.

Select race distance, and input your goal time. Hit the “Calculate Splits” button at the bottom of the calculator. The splits will open in a new window.

You will see splits according to your selection in the pace section. In other words, if you calculate pace per 400m, the calculator will show the required 400m splits.

Is it possible to estimate the expected duration of a run?

We’ve all been there. You’re on your way out for a run, and your husband or wife wants to know how long you’ll be. Thankfully, this calculator can help you provide an accurate estimation.

Simply input the distance you’re planning to run, and your expected average pace. Hit “Calculate Time,” and voila, there’s your estimate.

I’m running a one hour challenge, can this help me figure out my goal distance?

Of course.

Just input 60 minutes in the time section, and the pace you hope to average in the pace section. Push the “Calculate Distance” button, and there’s your goal.

Good luck!

How can I figure out the proper pace on a treadmill?

We’ve got your back.

The easiest way to find out what you should set your treadmill to, is to use our treadmill pace calculator. We’ve got one for metric units, and one for imperial. Pick the one that works best for you

Have fun!