Run161 exists to inform and inspire runners. Whether you are chasing podium finishes, or running to improve your fitness, I want to help you reach your goals.

To Inform and Inspire Runners

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Finding your way around a new website can be daunting. And that’s assuming you even know what you’re looking for. Depending on where you’re at in your life as a runner, you’ll find timeless wisdom to help you take the next step here at Run161.

Let’s take a look around.

Where To Start …

  • How To Start Running: If you’re looking to pick up running, start here. This introductory guide contains links to all the content that will help you become a healthier, happier, better through running.
  • How To Run Faster: When running is already part of your lifestyle, you might start thinking about how you can become a faster runner. Make use of this guide to get an overview of our content tailored for runners looking to run faster.
  • Articles: Just want a quick overview of our comprehensive library of articles? Check out the article archives.
  • Resources: Tools to help you plan your next run, or your next year of running. Pace calculators, training plans, and more. Check out this section to explore our other resources.

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Who Is Run161?

Lars-Christian Simonsen

Picture of Lars-Christian Simonsen

Run161 is just one person, and that’s me. Despite this, I often say “we” when speaking about Run161. That’s not an affectation in the form of a royal we; but rather a nod to all the people who have helped me over the years with shaping Run161 into what it is today.

I took up running as an adult to improve his physical and mental well-being, and to cope with the loss of my daughter. Before long, running became a lifestyle. I’ve run a 2:39 marathon, but I’m still looking to improve.

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