Get Ready for the Winter Season With the Treadmill Pace Calculators

Our new treadmill pace calculators let you quickly convert between speed and pace. Perfect to bookmark for easy access and on the fly conversions.

Article last updated on January 27, 2023

It’s that time of the year. Runners everywhere are preparing for the coming months by dusting off their treadmills, or renewing their gym memberships.

As winter arrived quickly, and without much warning – other than the fact that the calendars are just about to turn over to December, of course – I found myself doing my first treadmill workout on this side of the summer last week.

Naturally, with it being months and months since my last treadmill run, I had no feel for paces. What’s 3:40/km in kilometre per hour again? Or how fast was I really running when I set the treadmill to 16 kilometre per hour.

So I sat down and made a special tool just for that.

Of course, I know that many of our readers don’t operate with kilometres, but miles. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered as well.

Runner next to a treadmill trying to figure out complex calculations. Use the Run161 treadmill pace calculators instead!
Don’t be like this guy, just bookmark our treadmill pace calculator instead.

To make it super easy and quick to use, I put together two different calculators:

>> Treadmill Pace Calculator Imperial Units (Miles)

>> Treadmill Pace Calculator Metric Units (Kilometres)

That way, you can bookmark the one you prefer. And get down to business as quickly as possible, without having to switch between units.

It’s nothing advanced. Just a super simple calculator that helps you convert between speed and pace, and something I made to make this tool super easy to access for myself, that I thought other runners might enjoy as well. 

Bookmarking this is just that more convenient than opening up a spreadsheet on my phone.

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By Lars-Christian Simonsen

Lars-Christian is the founder of Run161. He characterises himself as a student of the sport who is always looking to learn more.