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This edition marks one year of me sending out the Run161 Newsletter. Fifty-two weeks in a row without missing a single one.

When I restarted the newsletter one year ago, after a bit of a hiatus, I told myself I would stick with it for at least a full year. I can’t believe I did it. But I did, and some great things have come to pass as a result.

The most important one being getting to know all sorts of runners around the world. People who not only take the time to read this newsletter every week, but even respond and share their thoughts with me. You guys are the ones who have kept me going for the past year.

Now, if this sounds like a parting message, don’t worry. In fact, it is the exact opposite!

The last year has shown me that incredible things can happen when I pour my efforts into Run161. So not only will I keep doing that; I intend to take it up another notch. But keeping this thing going requires time and resources.

And so, to help justify the increased effort, I am excited to announce the launch of the Run161 Premium Subscription. A way for you to support the free content that goes out every week — because, don’t worry, this weekly newsletter and the content on run161.com will always be free!

But I’m not asking you to sign up just out of the goodness of your heart. A Premium Subscription will also give you access to exclusive content and special perks.

This coming Tuesday I will begin sending out another weekly newsletter. One that is more narrowly focused on running training and performance. A newsletter that will help you become a better, more robust, and accomplished runner. And it will only go out to Premium Subscribers.

Not only that, Premium Subscribers will also get the luxury of completely ad free newsletters.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for a Run161 Premium Subscription right away!

Oh, yeah, price. About that… A Premium Subscription costs $14.99 per month, or $149 and two months free for those who commit to a yearly membership. But to show my gratitude to all of you who subscribe and support me that way already, there’s a special discount price if you’re among the first 42 runners who sign up:

$9.99 per month, or $100 per year.

And the best part is that, as long as you don’t cancel your subscription, you’ll get to keep that price forever. But the discount code is only valid for the first 42 runners who sign up, so don’t sit on the fence for too long. Plus, if you sign up by Monday, you ensure that you’re a recipient of the very first Run161 Premium Subscription exclusive newsletter.

Sign up now!

Alright, enough on that. Whether you sign up or not, I know you’re here for the good stuff, so let’s get to it.

👟 The Fastest Marathon Shoes of 2023

“Nobody will be surprised to learn that Nike still sits at the top. With a total of nine top three finishes across Tokyo, Boston, and London, their shoes lay claim to exactly half the podium spots. “

Look, let’s not pretend otherwise. I’m a running shoe geek, and, based on the links you click in the newsletter, you’re all running shoe geeks as well. Instead of being ashamed, I say we embrace it. Own it. Hell yeah we’re running shoe geeks, whatdoyouwannaknow?

In a not exactly scientific approach to determining the fastest marathon shoes of 2023, I take a look at what was on the feet of all the 18 runners who grabbed podium spots in the three spring marathon majors. Although Nike is still the top brand, you might be surprised to learn that another brand has the most successful model.

› Discover the fastest marathon shoes of 2023

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🔙 The First Run Back

“My rehabilitation has brought me back to the gym and onto the bicycle and elliptical far more than I ever imagined. After what felt like a process that would never end, I was cleared to get out onto the trails to hike and then finally, about two weeks ago, to begin integrating short run/walk intervals into my daily hikes. “

Every runner inevitably has to deal with a forced break. Injury, illness, and sometimes other life circumstances, will keep us from running at times. It’s just a part of being a runner. Here, Andy Jones-Wilkins reflects on his own return to running after more than a year away. And, in doing so, provides insights valuable for all of us.

› Read about Andy Jones-Wilkins’ long road back to running

😮‍💨 The Cold, Hard Evidence on Better Breathing for Athletes

“So it’s not entirely implausible that you might be able to breathe better in some way—and there is, indeed, an entire industry that promises to teach you how and/or sell you devices to that end. What’s tricky is distinguishing between plausible, research-backed claims and implausible, unsupported claims.”

Like Alex Hutchinson — the always on-point reporter on all things at the intersection of science and endurance performance — I, too, am a big fan of breathing. It’s the secret to many of my greatest accomplishments. Recently, however, I’ve come to learn that I am not very good at it. All this time, I’ve been doing it all wrong.

In this article, Hutchinson investigates a recent study that tried to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to breathing and athletic performance. I was happy to learn that there’s not much of a case for training yourself to nose breathing exclusively a high intensities.

› Learn how to breathe better while running

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😂 Just for Laughs

Before ultimately deciding on “Evening run”. Source

And with that, we’ve reached the end of this week’s newsletter. All the best for your runs this weekend! I’m actually (finally) lining up for my first race of the year — a 10 miler of all things!

I’ll be using that experience as a starting point for my first Premium exclusive newsletter on Tuesday, and write about how races can be an important part of training. If you want to catch it, and make sure you grab that special lifetime discount, sign up now.

See you next week!


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August 1, 2023