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I’m gearing up to race again. Finally! This is the 84th edition of the newsletter, and it feels like I’ve barely raced since it started. I had high hopes for this spring. But, after coming down with some illness at the worst possible time, as far as racing went, that didn’t happen.

But fall road racing season is here, and I’m pumped! My first race is coming up on Sunday. It’s a half marathon. I think I’m in good shape, and I hope to improve on my personal best of 1:17:15.

But, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. I’ll certainly have a race report ready for you by the time next week’s newsletter goes out. So keep a look out for that. That is if I don’t go into a meltdown trying to decide which shoes to wear, anyways. To do ditch Nike, or not to do ditch Nike as my go-to on race day, that is the question.

I digress! Let’s get on to this week’s content.

🔦 Petzl Iko Core Headlamp Review

“Anyone who’s tried to run a workout wearing a clunky head torch will know why comfort sits at the top. Lumens or battery hours simply don’t matter when you’re trying to run fast, and your headlamp is bothering you. All that matters is seeing where you’re going without the added distraction of extra discomfort.”

I published this one a few months ago. With the changing of the seasons, however, I know people will be looking for a headlamp again. And, if you’re like me and put comfort at the top of the list, the Petzl Iko Core could be the one you’re looking for.

› Check out the detailed Petzl Iko Core headlamp review

👟 The Most Impressive World Championship Team Isn’t a Country. It’s a Brand.

“Every other brand had frozen their budgets,” DeKoker said. “So I went to leadership and said, ‘Look, you guys want to be relevant in the U.S. and in this sport, and we can win right now if you give me money, because we will get the athletes.’”

This New York Times feature gives a detailed look into how relative newcomers to the running shoes and apparel industry, On, made a big bet on elite athletes to raise their brand awareness during the pandemic. Has it worked? Absolutely. Even if their athletes didn’t exactly reach the heights they might have hoped for during their stay in Budapest.

› Read about how On Athletics Club came to be

⏱️ Have Finishers At the Boston Marathon Gotten Slower?

“This post is the first in a series that will take a deep dive into data about marathon running. It was inspired by an article claiming that American runners are getting slower — and that if you zero in on the front-of-the-pack runners, you’ll find that they are also getting slower.”

Those of us who toe the start line of the marathon these days are but pale imitation of the giants that came before us. Or so the story goes. I enjoyed this introductory article in a series that delves into the nitty gritty of the stats to uncover if that’s really true: Were marathon runners faster years ago than they are today? Here, the author kicks it off by looking at the data for the Boston Marathon.

PS: If you’re really into this topic – like I am – you’ll enjoy this discussion around the article. Some excellent points about what shapes and influences the trends around marathon finishing times over the years.

› Take a deep dive into the historical trends of Boston Marathon finishing times

😂 Just for Laughs

I was given a workout I can’t refuse. Source

And with that, all that remains is to wish you an awesome weekend of running. Put your heart and soul into it, and may the wind always be at your back!

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August 31, 2023


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