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If that sounds like the lead up to an excuse for not getting things done, you’re absolutely right. Days are hectic, and running is not the top priority. Not even close! But I do what I can to get out and get my runs in.

I hope the same is true for you. If not, what’s standing in the way?

While life doesn’t always let us train for peak performance, I believe all of us can, and should, get out for a couple of runs every week. It leaves us that much more prepared to face life’s inevitable ups and downs.

That’s to say I hope you’ll get out again! And if you need a little help to get going — or going again — keep your eyes peeled on the next few newsletters.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Addendum: I finished up this newsletter just as the Diamond League 1500m in Florence started. I’m coming back to throw in a last minute edit to tell you all that Faith Kipyegon WOW! 3:49.11 is the World Record. Hop on over to YouTube and watch the race if you want a first class example of what a beautiful race looks like.

🏃‍♂️ Everything You Need to Know About Running Economy

“Running economy is a measure of how fast you can run using a given amount of oxygen. If you can run faster than your training partner while using the same amount of oxygen, then you’re more economical.”

When you want to run faster, you’ve got two options. Make the engine bigger, or become more economical with how you utilise your engine capacity. This article is a primer on the latter, and a must read for anyone who wants to understand the intricacies of how to run faster.

› Learn about running economy

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⛰️ One Way to Gain Big Vert & Volume In Training

“Last Friday, I started to engage in a discouraging comparison of my present self with that 2020 version. It felt pitiful to be struggling up just one mountainside and just 3500 feet, because that was a small fraction of what I did during that big week three years ago.”

Sarah Lavender Smith writes one of the (way too) many running related newsletters to which I’m subscribed. In her latest column, she offers up advice on how you can approach racking up big miles and vertical gain in your training. But, more than that, she offers important wisdom on how to avoid the pitfalls of comparison.

› Get advice on going for big training volume

️😅 Cam Levins Rebuilt his Mind and Body to Become the Fastest Marathoner on the Continent

“Levins also decided to resume running higher volume weeks, in the range of 300 kilometres, including revisiting his unusual practice of tripling. ‘For some reason, it’s always allowed me to recover better from each of my runs,’ Levins says. ‘If I wanted to get in the mileage I’m aiming for with just two runs a day, I’d have to run each of them for a considerable amount of distance. I’m able to cover more mileage without having to pound myself in a single run.’”

You’ll find no better insight into the insanity required to compete at the highest level of marathoning than this feature article on Canadian Cam Levins. Whatever it takes? Levins does that, and more. And his road towards the top has been anything but straightforward.

› Glean inspiration from Cam Levins

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August 1, 2023