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Hello 👋 Did you miss me? I know I’m hard to resist.

OK, maybe the entire first stanza of Robbie Williams’ Handsome Man doesn’t apply to my post-summer vacation comeback. But that first line sure hits home. (To this day, 21 years after the song came out, my brain cannot hear or read the words “hello did you miss me” without autocompleting with that following sentence. I have to wonder if I banged my head that year or something.)

Anyways, how are you doing? I hope you’re well.

I took the summer off from sending these newsletters. Because let me tell you something about being a parent to small children: Even though it’s called a holiday, and you technically have time off — from work, anyways — it’s not the most relaxing period of the year.

But we made it through, and we had a blast, too, so I’m calling it a success. I even managed to sneak in a couple of runs here and there, so my fitness didn’t evaporate completely.

I’m back now, however, and more than ready to resume sending you your weekly reminder that running is awesome. And share the best and most interesting running content from around the web. So let’s get to it.

👟 Shoe Comparison Test: Nike Vaporfly Next% 2 vs Nike Vaporfly 3

“I’ve taken these two pairs of shoes to the track for an informal head to head comparison. In this article, I pitch my current favourite race day shoe against its successor. It’s Nike Vaporfly Next% 2 vs Nike Vaporfly 3.”

I didn’t just laze around and hang out with the kids this summer. Not only did I give a complete makeover, I also wrote a bunch of articles I think you’ll like. As I know you’re all a bunch of shoe geeks, I wanted to share this one first. Check out my verdict on how the newest Vaporfly fares against its predecessor. With heaps of data added, for good measure! (Ha-ha.)

› Find out if it’s worth upgrading to the Vaporfly 3

🎉 Here’s What Strava Data Says About Your New Year’s Resolution

“Athletes who ran with others in 2022 had a 17 percent higher goal completion rate. Runs with friends or a group tend to be longer, and runners who go the distance together are 78 percent more active than athletes who run solo.”

With fall (or spring, for you Aussies out there) around the corner, it is time to roll up our sleeves and make sure we close out the year right. But how are runners doing so far? Outside investigates the Strava data at the halfway point of the year. If you’re lagging behind your goals, don’t worry. Call in a friend, and lower the bar. Because every little bit counts.

› Learn about how well runners live up to their New Years resolutions

🥵 Should you warm up before your marathon?

“You want to run enough before the race to hit your race pace off the start line,” says Coolsaet. “Five to 10 minutes of running and a few strides is plenty.”

Marathon season is just around the corner. Again. One question that inevitably comes up as your next big marathon is approaching is how you should warm up for the race. Accomplished Canadian marathon runner Reid Coolsaet shares his best tips in this article. And he points out a mistake that I’ve made more than once.

› Read an elite marathoners tips for marathon warm ups

😂 Just for Laughs

Oh, I nearly forgot about signing up for that one.

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August 14, 2023