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How’s it going? I hope your training is going well.This week, I’m going to use the intro to share some stats from the newsletter survey I ran over the last couple of weeks. Before getting to that, however, thanks to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts.

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From everyone who responded, not a single one rated the newsletter lower than a three out of five. I take that as high praise! 12% rated it a 3 and 48% rated it a 4. Which means that as much as 40% rated the newsletter 5 out of 5.

Wow! That’s high praise.

When it comes to what you like, you’re all here for the links. 96% of those who responded enjoy the weekly links to running content. 48% enjoy the introduction, while a mere 24% like the funny memes. As for dislikes, the only mention was the running memes, which 12% of the respondents straight up don’t like.

Hmm… I’m always looking to give the people what they want. But I have to think about this one.

Moving on to the topics you want to see more of, I’m going to list them in order of popularity:

  1. Foundational training theory (76%)
  2. Strength training (68%)
  3. Exercise science (64%)
  4. Injuries and injury prevention (60%)
  5. “Road to” series following someone preparing for a race (60%)
  6. Specific workouts (60%)
  7. Training plans (48%)
  8. How to run regularly (48%)
  9. Inspirational stories (48%)
  10. Running shoes (44%)

This is brilliant feedback. It helps me create a “content plan” of sorts for Run161 going forward. Creating content that I know many of you will enjoy is much more rewarding than taking shots in the dark.

Another interesting aspect here was that the comments revealed that many of you would like to see content specifically geared towards older runners. And I might have something really cool to share in the near future related to this. So stay tuned!

Beyond this, a vast majority of you would like to receive the newsletter on a weekly basis. And you prefer it to be a mix of short and long form content. Noted, and I will do my best to oblige.

Lastly, another point that several of you mentioned is that you would like to see more community building, so to speak. Questions, stories and more from YOU guys who are reading this. “To connect and make us more aware that there are others out there too,” as one respondent wrote. And it’s excellent feedback.

I’ll try to step up my game in this regard. As a first step, I hope that more of you will take the time to join our Strava Club. As mentioned last week, I’m planning a new section featuring a workout from one of our community members. But we still need a bit more activity here to get enough activities to choose from.

Alright, that went on a bit. Time to get to the stuff that most of you are here for. I think you’ll like this week’s selection.

Even Short Runs Have Major Health Benefits

“One might assume that in order to reap the biggest rewards, you need to regularly run long distances, but there’s strong evidence linking even very short, occasional runs to significant health benefits, particularly when it comes to longevity and mental well-being.”

If you need a little extra motivation to just get out of the door, the New York Times have you covered. It turns out that just a little running goes a long way in terms of reaping the positive health effects of running. I was surprised by just how little a little turned out to be.

Can carbon-plated racing shoes cause injuries if you wear them too much in training? Yes, they can.

Carbon plate shoes and injuries illustration

“To date, no substantive academic research has been done on biomechanical impacts of carbon-fiber shoe technology on a runner’s gait as it relates to injuries. But elite athletes and recreational runners alike, as well as some coaches and medical professionals close to the sport, have become increasingly concerned about the correlation between those types of shoes and running injuries”

Until the facts are on the table, and we get actual, peer reviewed studies with conclusive data, I think Brian Meltzer’s headline statement is disingenuous. The jury is still out on whether or not plated shoes will injure you. But what this article does well is propose the theory of why they might, which is a good place to start. But, rest assured, I’m going to enjoy the benefits of carbon-plated racing shoes in every single workout for the foreseeable future. As I have done for years, without any injury trouble at all.

How to Build Core and Glute Muscle Strength

Strength and conditioning for runners illustration

“By dissecting (no pun intended) the core, the transverse abdominus in particular, and the glutes, I’ll explain the importance of understanding the function that these muscles serve in real-world situations, how to activate them properly and finally, two exercises that you can do to train them effectively.”

While on the subject of injuries. If that’s something you’re keen to avoid, I recommend this article from Dave Cieslowski. Here he explains why strengthening your core and glutes is so important. And he gives actionable advice on how to do it.

Just one more thing. Before you go, mind telling me what you thought about this edition of the newsletter? Just click one of the links below to share your feedback.

Talk again in a week!

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January 5, 2024


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